Product Handling / Scratch Resistance

          Shown above: Ultima+ (l) and Ultima+ OP (r)

Wall to wall ceiling systems visually hide services to provide an attractive finish to a space and control acoustics, whilst maintaining access for maintenance. Products designed for more frequent handling and scratch resistance are ideal for ceilings which will be subject to higher levels of access. 

Scratch Resistance icon

Products with a laminated surface and durable edge painting, such as Ultima+, and systems that are downwardly demountable, such as the Vector edge detail, provide excellent solutions for areas where high frequency access is required.

Scratch Resistant Ceilings are Ideal For:

  • Hospital Corridors
  • School Corridors
  • Bus/Train Terminals

Scratch Resistant Solutions

Other Performance Criteria to Consider

Acoustics Light Reflectance Sound Attenuation
Clean Room Mould/Mildew Resistance Sustainability
Disinfection Resistance Scrubbability VOC Emissions
Fire Reaction Seismic Washability
Humidity Resistance Sound Absorption