Humidity Resistance

          Shown above: Hydroboard (l and r) 

Ceiling installations are facing more and more demanding humidity conditions such as fast track programmes, buildings with intermittent heating and cooling, areas with a high concentration of people, structures which are semi-open to the exterior environment, etc..

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Most indoor conditions for normal occupancy are designed to be in the range of 15 to 29°C and 40 to 70% RH. However, modern building techniques and specialist areas within buildings mean that conditions can sometimes exceed these ranges.

To meet these requirements Armstrong offer a wide range of standard products suitable for installation in conditions of up to 95% and 99% relative humidity, as well as specialist products which excel in extreme conditions of up to 100% relative humidity. 

Humidity Resistant Ceilings are Ideal For:

  • Changing Rooms
  • Installation in buildings before they are enclosed

Humidity Resistant Solutions

Other Performance Criteria to Consider

Acoustics Mould/Mildew Resistance Sound Attenuation
Clean Room Scratch Resistance Sustainability
Disinfection Resistance Scrubbability VOC Emissions
Fire Reaction Seismic Washability
Light Reflectance Sound Absorption