Hydrotherapy areas can be relaxing and calming, but definitely. . . wet and humid. Wherever your hydrotherapy room is located - hotel, college, hospital - the need for a ceiling that can perform in these special conditions is crucial to getting the reliable performance you need.


Specify ceiling tiles designed for higher humidity environments with balanced acoustics to control reverberation from hard surfaces typically used in these spaces.

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  1. Hydroboard


    Sound Absorption αw 0.95
    Sound Absorption Class A
    Sound Attenuation Dnfw (dB) 22
    Sound Absorption NRC 0.9
    Light Reflectance 82%
    Recycled Content 20%
    Humidity Resistance (RH %) 100
    Cleanability Types Dry cloth / Soft brush
  2. Ceramaguard


    Sound Absorption αw 0.55
    Sound Absorption Class D
    Sound Absorption NRC 0.6
    Light Reflectance 79%
    Recycled Content 37%
    Humidity Resistance (RH %) 100
    Cleanability Types Dry cloth / Soft brush, Moist cloth, Damp sponge
  3. Prelude 24 CR TLX

    Prelude 24 CR TLX

    Material Steel
    Face Dimensions 24
    Corrosion Resistant Yes

3 Product(s)